Old and New Ways to Ring In The New Year
Wanting to end the night early, my guests and I did our countdown and yelled "Happy New Year" at around 9pm. We watched a "fake countdown" video that we found on YouTube and it was perfect. Do you remember banging on pots and pans on New Year's Eve when you were a kid?
Celebrating or Sweeping Birthday Under The Rug?
It was great seeing so many Ocean County residents responding to my Facebook post about the show "This Is Us."  Clearly most of you are fans of the TV series, like I am.
So today I want to ask about another topic near and dear to my heart:  birthdays...
Do Leap Babies Feel Overlooked…Or Super Special?
With my kind of obsessive need to make a big deal out of my birthday each January, I feel badly for Leap Day babies.  I can't imagine being short-changed in the birthday department.  A celebration only once every 4 years?  I couldn't stand it...