It's the day after the Academy Awards.  Aside from giving you lots to talk about today at the office, will it influence you in any way?  Has your interest been piqued by the clips shown last night?  Do you now want to see the performances that the Academy deemed Oscar-worthy?

I personally loved Dev Patel's performance in "Lion," so that's one that I can definitely recommend.  We're definitely going to see him in more leading man roles.

It happens every year, little known, critically acclaimed films like "Lion" get nominated for an Oscar and suddenly there's a lot of interest.  Moviegoers get curious.  Industry folks call this the post-Oscar "bump."  The studios and cinemas love it because it brings in a lot more money.  And I'll bet a lot of folks bought a ticket to "LaLaLand" because of all the Oscar buzz that's been going on for months.

Does awards season influence your movie-watching decisions?  Will you be going to see one of the nominees or winners this weekend?  What do you think you might see?

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