At the movie theatre over the weekend, I saw a guy sit down with a pizza box.  It wasn't something the cinema sold so he clearly brought it from a local pizza shop.  I don't actually know the cinema's policy on whether outside food is allowed so I can't say if the man was breaking any rules or not.  But the smell of the pizza was kind of distracting.  I mean I LOVE pizza so I got a little envious that he got to enjoy his pie while watching the movie.

On this particular night I bought the standard large popcorn and soda.  It cost more than I think it should but I'm aware that movie theatres rely on concession sales to turn a profit.

But I feel bad for parents who bring their kids to a movie.  If every kid buys a snack, that becomes a really expensive night out!  If I had children, I'd probably be tempted to bring snacks from home so I could save money.

Do you think people should be allowed to bring popcorn and candy from home?  What about bringing in a pizza or bag of fast food? 



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