Last year I wasn't interested in the Superbowl at all so I had a great day of doing non-football things on that Sunday.  This year I'm slightly more invested with Pink singing the national anthem and Justin doing the halftime show.  Plus I know a lot of Eagles fans so I'm going to wear green and watch the end of the game, hoping for an Eagles victory.

So my plan is to go to the movies in the afternoon and be back in time to watch the broadcast from Minnesota.  Full disclosure, I'll probably fast forward through most of the game and do some stuff that's been on my to-do list instead.

So as a way to help the Ocean County residents who don't want to spend the evening watching sports, let's put together a list of possible alternate plans:

  • Get your taxes done or at least sort through your receipts.
  • Do something with all those photos you got printed that are sitting in a shoebox.
  • Go shopping.  Betcha there will be plenty of good parking spots available!
  • Go out to eat with some friends.  You'll probably have an easy time getting a parking spot and a table.
  • Clear out old e-mails and unsubscribe from those messages that you really never read.
  • See an Oscar nominated film.  The Academy Awards will be on Sunday, March 4th.

Okay, those are some of MY ideas.  Please share some of YOURS.  What are you going to do instead of watching the Big Game?  Do you know of any places in Ocean County that are hosting a Ladies' Night or anything for us who aren't really sports fans?


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