First let me say I'm a fan of AMC 's the Walking Dead. I know the characters and their stories and really like the show, I tune in every episode. That being said I have two children who are both in college and young adults ... so I am a former "child" parent. I also believe I don't have the right to tell other parents how to raise their kids, assuming nothing illegal is going on and in this case I don't believe any laws were broken.... So here's the story of these New Jersey kids and you decide if it was a little too much ? For the record this Mom (Photographer) has received a lot of grief after posting the photos and I'm not here to put her on trial, I'm simply asking if YOU as a parent think it was creative and fun or simply too much for you to have let YOUR kids do ... not starting a "zombie-hunt" (Pun Intended) after this New Jersey parent ...

A New Jersey Mother decided to do a photo shoot of kids, including some of her own, with the subject being the AMC series "Walking Dead" ... some as young a three. The photos depict scenes from the show, but with the graphic nature of the "Horror/Sci-Fi" Theme ... including using zombie costumes, baseball bats and guns. You can check out the photos in a recent PATCH article (CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTOS) ..... and decide for yourself.

In closing I'll say this, I would not have had my kids do this shoot at that age, but it was very creative ... if you know the show..... and I can't wait for fall and the new season of the "Walking Dead"

So would you have had your kids do this photo shoot ?



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