OMG, last night I ate the juiciest and the biggest scallops I've ever had in Ocean County.

These scallops were at Captain's Inn in Lacey. They were unbelievable. I love scallops and I just thought these were the best I've had in such a long time.

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These were large and cooked to perfection. I know this is a weird article to write about, but why not? There are bay scallops that are the smaller ones and sea scallops are the larger, plumper ones.

Captain's Inn definitely uses the sea scallops that are "giant". I believe what made these scallops so delicious, of course, was the bacon-wrapped scallops. These bacon-wrapped scallops were the sea scallops.

I've had "big" scallops before at many restaurants but some haven't been cooked enough or just right. I'm telling you these scallops at Captain's were just perfect. I don't usually write about different places I eat because we have delicious places here at the Jersey Shore. The best seafood, steak, and let's not even mention the fantastic drinks here in Ocean County.

It was a special birthday dinner for me last night with a couple of friends and I saw one of my favorites the bacon-wrapped scallops and said I'm splurging, it's my birthday. I'm so glad I did. If you want the biggest and juiciest scallops, cooked to perfection and guess what I'm not even a fan of bacon (LOL)...head to Captain's Inn. I know I'm giving a huge plug to Captain's Inn, but they deserve it...Shout-OUT to the chef who cooked my scallops on Wednesday night. They were perfect in every way.

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