Community Medical Center Once Again Collects Food For Area Pantries

We plan the food drive to coincide with the end of the school year, since free breakfast and lunch programs are no longer available and we don’t want any child to go hungry,  making healthy food available is important to establishing healthy eating habits for children. ~ Tom Yanisko, Administrative Director, Hospitality Services at Community Medical Center.


Since opening it's doors in 1961 Community Medical Center, Part of the Barnabas Health, has been helping in the Community .... No pun intended!


For the past eight years, Community Medical Center employees and members of the Medical Staff have collected and donated food for local food pantries through Health Care Harvest, the hospital’s annual summer food drive. This year, the staff surpassed the 125,000-pound benchmark, collecting an eight-year cumulative total of 125,289 pounds of food, 18,243 pounds of which was collected this year.


The food was donated to Ocean County Hunger Relief, Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties and Morning Star Presbyterian Church of Bayville.


Great job by all .... Departments within the hospital compete amongst themselves to collect the most food. This year the Emergency Department staff donated 3,884 pounds of food, surpassing the amount of food they donated in prior years. The Finance Department collected the most food per person, averaging 130 pounds of food donated by each employee and the Medical Staff donated $5000 in support of the food drive.
Can't wait til the next time we are helping the community at CMC with our friends !





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