No shortage of activity for the U.S. Coast Guard on land and at sea this weekend.

NOAA Public Library

A Coast Guard Station Manasquan Inlet Boarding Team conducting a safety check, arrested a suspected intoxicated operator of a 26-foot pleasure craft in the Manasquan River late Saturday afternoon.

The Coast Guard says six of the seven people on board were intoxicated and when the boat's operator blew a .18 reading on a breathalyzer test, the voyage was terminated. The boarding team allowed the one sober passenger to drive the boat to a nearby marina and took the operator into custody.

While wobmtaking the boater to the Point Pleasant police station, members noticed a crowd gathered around a small child laying on the ground. The mother of the child told Coast Guard members that she believed her five year old son suffered a seizure. Members monitored the boy's vital signs and prevented him from choking on his own saliva until EMT's arrived.