This home is sheer perfection.

There is a mansion for sale located at 1015 Forrest Road in Brielle that is built for someone who....well, let's just say is high maintenance.

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This beautiful home occupies over 8,000 square feet, has 5 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms and is located right on the Manasquan River. (I personally LOVE waterside homes) 

There is also a beautiful Cinderella staircase, a 3-car garage, spacious suite bedrooms and the master suite has a view of the river!

But honestly, the exquisite architectural design and warm color palettes used throughout the home are what helps to set this house apart.

Let's take a tour:

Brielle Mansion For Sale Is An Architectural Dream

For information on this beautiful mansion, take a look at, or

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