Most of us have watched shows like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, The Great Gatsby, or Downtown Abbey and daydreamed about living in the lap of luxury.  What would that look like to you?  If you pictured this hypothetical home having an amazing view of the Manasquan River and including a safe that looks like a bank vault, we may have found the home for you.  (Pictures below)

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This magnificent mansion features next level opulence and is being represented by Berkshire Hathaway Home Services.  I'd *LOVE* to purchase this, but it's about $9.7 million out of my league.  However, the price has dropped by almost $3 million.  According to Zillow, the house went on the market on May 18, 2017, for $12.85 million.  So, consider the current asking price of $9.9 million a sale!  And while I may joke a little bit, this house is incredible and I'm seriously envious of the family that gets to call it home.

Some of the amenities include:

  • 33 Rooms (about 25 more than my house)
  • Garage for 7 cars (one for each day of the week)
  • 9 Bedrooms (perfect for your family and guests)
  • 15 Bathrooms (no more waiting for your spouse or kids to get out)
  • Conservatory
  • Balcony (great views of the river await)
  • Home Theater (watch Tom Cruise in style)
  • Fitness Center (work on those abs)
  • Basketball/Tennis Court (keep that sweet stroke going)
  • Boat Lift (you'll need a yacht, right?)
  • Outdoor Shower (a great way to stay clean without the agony of walking inside)
  • Dock (duh, for the jetskis and such)
  • Swimming Pool (stock up on chlorine)
  • Riverfront (stunningly beautiful)
  • 2.96 acres (make sure you've got a ride-on mower)

If you're interested, taxes are $133,450 a year, and a mortgage, depending on your credit and down payment, would cost roughly $50,000 a month.  Check out the pictures and let us know if you love it too.

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