If you're reading this from just about anywhere outside of Wisconsin itself, I'm likely the only Milwaukee Brewers fan that you know.

While "The Crew" is enjoying national attention for performing above expectations this season, they landed in the news this past weekend for a rather embarrassing reason - our always classy New Jersey governor.

We've all seen the video by now, of the man in the Statehouse getting in the face of an everyman Chicago Cubs fan. If you're a little behind, here's the moment:

There have been plenty of stories since Sunday that described what prompted the terse exchange at The Brewers' Miller Park.

And look, as a lifelong Brewers fan, I can personally testify to the crassness of the loathed Cubs fans.

To put it lightly, the Brewers - Cubs rivalry is not a friendly rivalry.

Think in terms of the Mets - Phillies and Yankees - Red Sox rivalries.

And with only about an hour and a half separating Milwaukee from Chicago, whenever the teams meet up, fans from both sides are well represented at both Miller Park and Chicago's Wrigley Field.

And of course, when you think about a team that is literally named in honor of the town's beer heritage, the booze flows and tensions can rise.

When the clubs go head to head, so do the fans.

So, as a proud Milwaukee partisan, on the surface I'm tempted to see this story and think, "it's a Cubs fan, of course he was being a jerk".

But once again, Governor Christie just can't help himself.

Why turn the other cheek and keep walking when you can get in a guy's face, right?

The irony of the whole thing lies in Governor Christie's own words, calling the offending boo-bird a "tough guy", and apparently shooting back with, "why don't you have another beer?"

Which leads me to wonder who the "tough guy" really is in this situation. The young adult baseball fan at a hardcore rival's stadium giving grief to a public official, or said public official who once again can't just keep walking and has to aggressively respond?

Backed of course by a healthy security contingent.

I mean, I guess for a guy who has, let's politely call it a "popularity deficit", you really got nothing to lose, huh?

And of course, to paraphrase the Governor's own words, at least he, "didn't dump the nachos on him or anything".

Good point, Gov, you're truly a paragon of restraint.

My Wisconsin friends and family like to make fun of my New Jersey upbringing, with plenty of references to the Mafia, gas refineries, and Snooki.

My New Jersey friends and family like to make fun of my small town Midwest roots and my loyal fandom of a team that has tended more towards hapless than dominant.

This past weekend the two collided, and it wasn't pretty.


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