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Today (8/20) is National Radio Day  and I wanted to take some time to talk about my life in radio and how I could not have asked for a better career...and I mean that with total sincerity. Many who have been in our industry may have different opinions, but for me I could not have written a better story then mine in radio.

How did it all begin? It actually was kind of an accident, well I didn't plan it. I went to College in the mountains of West Virginia. I attended Salem College. When I was accepted I went in undeclared....I had no idea what I wanted to do. I met some fellow students who were in the broadcasting major and they introduced me to "radio" and within a few days I decided I want this. I went on to major in broadcasting and journalism. We had a little FM radio station WITB (We're In The Basement) and it was such fun doing college radio and from there I got my first commercial job.


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After I returned from West Virginia I did several radio jobs here in New Jersey, I landed my first morning gig 30 years ago at WADB in Point Pleasant and was there almost seven years before landing mornings here at 92.7 WOBM. I'm getting ready to celebrate my silver anniversary here with 25 years hosting the morning show (Longest in WOBM History) and it has been a wonderful ride.

I was always around with my hours for our kids and got to go to every school function, I often wondered if the class moms thought I was unemployed because i was often the only Dad in attendance.

I was very fortunate to have worked on weekends for 20 years in New York City doing news, weather, sports and traffic with some of the biggest stations in the Big Apple including WCBS. WINS, Bloomberg and WFAN as well as affiliates around the nation. Like I said earlier I have been blessed and always smile when I look back.

So today as we celebrate National Radio Day, I thank god for giving me this wonderful career with YOU our wonderful listeners.

Here are some fun radio facts:

  • More than two-thirds (71%) of people surveyed listen to the radio in their car
  • Two-out-of-three (67%) people surveyed listen to the radio every single day
  • Nearly one-in-two (48%) love to sing along to the radio.

Local radio is such a great asset for us here at the Shore, it gives us the opportunity to give you the latest on what's happening right here in your hometown, something you can't get from out of market stations and we have prided ourselves for over 50 years at 92.7 WOBM with giving you the best info for Ocean County and fun on the radio.

I grew up listening to 92.7 WOBM in fact I won my very first radio contest with WOBM, trivia my folks helped me with (is that cheating) lol and I won a box of spaghetti lol I guess it was meant to be for a long time. The spaghetti btw was awesome! actually I don't remember but it was fun to win on the radio....many years ago!

Radio has changed over the years and now the BEST way to join us is by downloading the FREE 92.7 WOBM App  and you can take us EVERYWHERE including your ride to and from Ocean County....in fact anywhere in the world. Download today and we can be with you 24/7

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