The road to opening a White Castle in Brick has been a long one.

The current iteration of the plan, for a White Castle right at the intersection of Brick Boulevard and Hooper Avenue, goes back to at least 2017, with the longer story stretching back even further than that.

According to today's Asbury Park Press story, the original approval goes all the way back a dozen years, with their headline touting, "White Castle opens in Brick, 12 years after it was first approved" (the emphasis is mine).

But the bigger part of this story is of course the fact that those who have long wanted a White Castle in Brick have had their wishes granted, with the sliders and fries being served up as of today.

You can stop by the Brick White Castle at 2778 Hooper Ave, in the Riverwalk Shopping Center (which is suddenly booming, it would seem).


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