I am extremely excited to tell you that I am a new homeowner in Belmar! The last few weeks have been crazy and it's been very hard keeping it on the down-low. I can't give you the exact details of where I will be living, but let's just say it's very close to the building this article is about...

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While walking in my new neighborhood, I saw the building that seems to be a curse for all ex-Belmar/ Lake Como businesses. Some stay long and some don't. Unfortunately, the building on 1602 Main Street is like a revolving door. It's sad, but I have hope!

Back in June, we found out the Alternative Plate was closing its doors for good. Owner Peter Teevan was a great guy and I thought his plant-based vegan restaurant idea was tremendous. Unfortunatly the pandemic really slowed things down...

Peter Teevan:

I want to thank each and every one of you who came and tried our fare...We hope that we opened your eyes to what is possible and simplified the complex issues making everyday food healthy in the true sense. We have made the decision to close this location due to many factors which Covid was the main reason. We are moving on to the next phase of impact and our plight to make a difference.
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Vegan food, cheesesteaks, meats, and other types of food...nothing seems to be working at this place and I would love to know why? What's your opinion? What would be a good fit for this average-sized building? & Why does nothing ever work there? Is this something I should get used to?
At the end of the day, I really hate seeing this building have zero life. I am very optimistic about the future...

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