Here's something else for the kids to do on Saturday mornings.

The Brick Municipal Anti-Drug Coalition (BMAC) is offering a 90-minute training session program for boys and girls ages 9-12 called 'Sport Saturday' to help kids achieve good physical, mental and emotional health.

"We reinstated BMAC so that we could provide the young people of Brick Township with programs like Sport Saturday," Mayor John G. Ducey said. "This program will not only help young people improve their athletic abilities, it will give them tools to help them become better people."

One of the main focuses of the program is for kids to choose a healthy lifestyle and something like sports instead of drugs.

Councilwoman Andrea Zapcic says programs like this are important in the fight against opioid addiction.

"The drive towards more professionalism in youth sports has caused an increase in over-use related orthopedic injuries in children ages 12 and up," Zapcic said. "Evidence suggests that a youth's first exposure to a prescription opiate is often for treatment of injury or post-operative pain."

She adds that, "studies show youth exposed to opiates (prescribed) before high school graduation have a 33% increased risk of using opiates recreationally in the years after graduation, including those with a previous unfavorable attitude toward drug use."

Sport Saturday helps kids achieve good general fitness levels, sports specific training, and they'll also learn leadership qualities, problem solving and character development designed to help increase self-esteem, awareness and resiliency as substance use prevention strategies.

Trainers are provided by Mentor Academy of New Jersey and are certified physical education teachers as well as youth sports trainers.

Sessions run every Saturday through April 14 from 8:30-10:30 am at the Brick Civic Plaza.

No fee for the kids to participate but there is a 30-child limit per session.

Kids can also participate in as many of these sessions as you and them wish.

You can sign the kids up here or by calling 732-262-1074 or by doing so in person at the Recreation Office, 270 Chambers Bridge Road, Monday through Friday, 7:30 am -  4 pm.

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