This is a fantastic way to raise money, a bed sheet fundraiser. I've never heard of this kind of fundraiser, but what an awesome way to raise money for a great cause.


Calling All Cats Rescues in Ocean County is an incredible cat rescue. We've had them on the air several times and I hear so many great things about this rescue. Calling All Cats Rescues is a volunteer cat rescue group. They started by helping all of the unwanted cats. To help humanely lower the feline population, they spay and neuter feral cats and then find homes for the friendly adults and the offspring that have been born. The rescue works extremely hard to find the best homes for cats of all shapes, sizes, colors and ages. While these cats wait, they are cared for in safe, loving, and nurturing foster homes.

*1800 thread count

*$40 any size sheet, except Split King $60

*Choose Calling All Cats Rescues 1 - 2020

*Choose shipping

*Order NOW through June 30th, to help out with this fundraiser.

Sue Moll
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