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Full moon and lonely tree
Balazs Kovacs


Looking for some help with home schooling your children during the coronavirus crisis? We have seen a lot of parents saying it's not easy to "home school" and that they have a great respect for teachers.....because lets face it.... it's not easy. I wouldn't want to have had to do it.

To help area parents, the Ocean County Parks and Recreation Department is going to begin doing virtual science classes. This could be a great way to incorporate their services and use as your "science" classes.

The Parks department and their "naturalist staff" will be broadcasting LIVE on Facebook. They plan to use animals in our Nature Center displays and some of the unique features found in their parks....a virtual science class. Follow Ocean County Parks and keep an eye out for their upcoming "virtual science classes"

the first virtual classroom takes place this Friday, March 20th at 11 am 



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