Because of today's rain, many of the Memorial Day Parades and ceremonies got cancelled.  And if you have money in a Shore house rental today, I'm sure you're disappointed with today's forecast.

Can we find the silver lining in today's clouds?  Let's see. Depending on your personality type, you will probably have a really relaxing day, or a really productive one.

A rainy day off can be a great opportunity to read that book you've started.  You can take a mid afternoon nap if you'd like.  You can spend your holiday on the couch viewing those shows you've recorded but haven't had time to watch.   Also, those DVD movies you got for Christmas could finally get looked at today.

For those who like to be productive, today's a perfect day to do those chores around that house that you've put off.  Papers need to get filed?  Floors need to be cleaned?  How about finally putting photos on that album or scrapbook?  Here's something I just did:  clean all the dust from the blades of the ceiling fans.   With the warm temps, you won't want dust bunnies flying through the air and into your food or onto your bed.

When you have some unexpected free time, do you tend to want to chill out or get stuff done?  However you're spending your day off, I hope you're having a good one.  And to those who who are working today:  Thank You.

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