I was moving very slowly yesterday morning.  It’s not that I had a wild and crazy Saturday night.  But as I savored my 4th cup of coffee, I realized that I don’t usually get to do this on the weekdays.  In a perfect world, weekends seem made for relaxing and recharging.  But I realize for many of you parents, your weekends involve sporting events, shuttling kids to parties and running errands that you weren’t able to get to during the week.   Or are Ocean County weekends supposed to be for having fun on the boardwalk and shirking responsibilities?

Nah, I think realistically speaking, the goal should be to have a mix of all of the above.  Some fun, some productivity, some family obligations, and some relaxing.

If you had to characterize your weekends, generally speaking…are they too busy, too boring, or just right?  Do you find yourself rejuvenated or drained on Sunday nights?

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