If you’ve got the day off for Presidents Day, you may have enjoyed sleeping in.  You may be planning a day of relaxing or catching up on chores.  Maybe you’ll go see a movie.

That’s what’s great about days off.  Freedom to do... whatever.  But are we supposed to be doing something special to celebrate Presidents Day?  It strikes me as kind of a obsure holiday.  I’m not really sure what the intention is.  Do you?

Many years ago I remember being off school for Washington’s birthday and Lincoln’s birthday.  It made for a great month with at least 2 guaranteed holidays.  But then I recall the two got merged into what’s now known as Presidents Day.  Do any communities have parades, dinners, celebrations?  Do schools give kids assignments that relate to presidents?  Are you parents talking history with your kids?

What are you doing to mark this President’s Day?

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