Some people love to clean.  I am not one of them.  I've posted before about how I have a high tolerance for dust-bunnies and stacks of papers.  I don't like this about myself, but I'm used to it.  And so are the friends and family members who come over to my house.

So when it is time to tidy, like today because I have friends coming from out of town, I need upbeat music to get me going.  My CD collection is really diverse so it's fun to plan my soundtrack for a cleaning binge.  Sometimes I'll play showtunes.  Getting caught up in the drama and story helps me forget that I'm scrubbing a bathtub, for example.  Other times I pretend I'm at a 70s disco, with Donna Summer blaring.  The synth sounds of the Pet Shop Boys keep me moving when I feel like taking a break.   And interestingly, one of my favorite "cleaning soundtracks" is a 1986 album from the B-52s.  The whole album is lighthearted and fun.  Not surprisingly, the song called "Housework" features a lyric which brings out my inner domestic goddess.  "I am doing my housework.  Got no time to fool 'round.  I am doing my housework.  Cleanin' up and I'm gettin' down."

Some of you may rely on coffee or Red Bull to get your chores done.  But I use music to energize me when it's time to de-clutter.   What kind of music do you like to listen to when you clean house?  Is there a certain album or artist you'll put on when it's time to get serious about housework?

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