It's a fantastic benefit for the local organization Zzak G Applaud Our Kids Foundation and they have a fun night for you to enjoy and help this great group to give local kids a chance at the arts.


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According to their website, "The mission of the Zzak G. Applaud Our Kids Foundation is to give children the opportunity to find their own voice, increase their self-esteem, give them a sense of belonging, and provide them with positive reinforcement through the performing arts."

In addition "The foundation provides 100% funding for children ages 7-18 who meet the financial needs requirements to take ongoing lessons in vocal instruction, dance, acting, and instrumental music for the entire school year and for summer programs. The students take these ongoing lessons at local performing arts studios close to their home."

In addition, Applaud Our Kids also funds or supplies dance shoes, dancewear, an instrument if needed, and any other resource that will help the child to be successful in their lessons.


The 5th Annual Zzak G Applaud Our Kids Foundation Soiree and Talent Show is fast approaching on November 17th in Point Pleasant Beach and you could be there for this fun event and help out a great cause.

We sat with CEO Jodie Grinwald to discuss the organization and the event and to find out more about the Zzak G Applaud Our Kids Foundation.





The 5th Annual Soiree and Talent Competition take place on Thursday, November 17th at the Sunset Ballroom in Point Pleasant Beach from 6 - 10 pm.


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