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It is probably the most asked question today, "what's the deal with the Covid 19 vaccine?" People have lots of questions about who can get?, when can I get it?, if I had Covid do I need it?, etc. etc.

My situation is simple. I am healthy and under 65 so according to officials I may not see the Cov 19 vaccine until Spring, but that's ok I feel confident I will be fine until then. I take all the necessary precautions....wear my mask, social distance and wash my hands. So far so good an I'm gonna keep doin this until Spring when I can get my shot.

Community Medical Center

If YOU have questions we hope that we can answer them for you. I had the chance to talk with Chief Medical Officer Dr. Meika Neblett from Community Medical Center in Toms River this week. Dr. Neblett took time to answer many of the questions we have all been hearing when it comes to the Covid 19 vaccine.



We want to thank Dr. Neblett and all of the frontline healthcare workers at Community Medical Center, part of the RWJ Barnabas Healthcare System. Your dedication to area residents during the Covid 19 Pandemic has been heroic!


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