Sue and I were saying on the air the other morning that I feel like "Dr Doolittle" these days because of my encounters with so many animals. Spring is a season for babies and that may be why I'm running into so many. My latest encounter involved a baby possum or as they are sometimes called opossums. I ran into this little baby possum in downtown Toms River .... alone and in the street. By the way a baby possum is called a "joey". After I quickly googled what to do I found out it's best to not touch the baby, but I felt it necessary for me to guide him/her into a wooded area safe and off the street. Nature will ultimately determine what will happen, but I felt better knowing it wouldn't be a vehicle that did. The lil "joey" trotted off into the woods and seemed quite sure of it's new path. Be careful this Summer and "break" for the possum!

An interesting fact about possum is that they are natural tick killers! An article by the Carey Institute talked about how possum are really good at getting rid of ticks!

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