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Let me begin by saying "well done" to all involved in the Toms River Protest March on Tuesday. Thank you, Toms River for hosting a positive and meaningful march Tuesday.

To the organizers, participants, and law enforcement, you made Ocean County & Toms River proud and we should see more events like the ones from Toms River on TV, showing a positive approach to a very worthwhile cause.

Following the horrible death of George Floyd and the nights of unrest in other portions of the country, yesterday saw a day of speakers, prayer, and a look to the future to stop crimes like the George Floyd case from happening again.

Hats off to the Toms River Police, Ocean County Prosecutor's Office, Ocean County Sheriffs Department and other Law Enforcement for not only keeping the peace, but for participating and being a part of the "solution". We must see community and law enforcement come together to stop future injustice and yesterday that was at the forefront in Toms River.

Area businesses cooperated during the march. Some did decide to take precautions by boarding up their windows and frankly, you can't blame them. These local businesses have already been ravaged economically from COVID-19 and they did not need any senseless damage that could have possibly occurred. They were simply reacting to what they have seen every night on TV. These businesses are their life and their family's lives....so being cautious didn't interfere with the march and it gave them peace of mind, which is totally their right. I think if we saw more gatherings like the one in Toms River, fewer business people would be intimidated by these types of events. You may have been marching next to local business people, who took part as well.

All in all, the community took time yesterday to remember and honor George Floyd and hopefully strengthened bonds between law enforcement and citizens.

Let's celebrate yesterday's event and use it to move forward for change and equality and maybe today hug your neighbor (wait can we do that yet?) and spread peace to EVERYONE.

Thanks to Vin Ebenau and 92.7 WOBM News for coverage of the event.

That's my "open" thank you note. Let me know what YOU  at home think. Post your comments below ~ Shawn Michaels 

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