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I needed to write this article because I have had a lot of time to think and observe what's going on around us. The coronavirus is wreaking havoc on our world and we are still not out of the woods yet.

My thought is this... will we actually be a better world after this event has ended? Now, of course, it is horrible for families who are losing a loved one during this health crisis and I hope less than more will be lost, but I am asking will we be better humans?

We are the most intelligent, allegedly, species on planet earth however lately you wouldn't think it. Prior to the health crisis, people were fighting pretty much about anything you can think of. So much hate and lack of compassion for one another...so after this scare will we learn?

When I say "learn" I mean will we figure it out after this horrific disaster that we need to love one another and take just a little extra care for one another? We are ALL human and we are ALL the same and we are here for such a short time, can we make it the best we can?

Just stop. Stop fighting, robbing, killing, hurting, hating, etc. Just "learn" from this health crisis. Has this virus made YOU think? Can YOU be a better person? I know that I can be and I will try my best to be a better person.

Each of us has the ability to control our actions, make it for the better next time you find yourself at the crossroads and then we can react with a smile or thank you. Take this disaster and it is gonna be one felt for some time and "learn" and become a better human, we all have that choice... DO THE RIGHT THING.

An Open Letter on Coronavirus.....Better Days to Come?


Shawn Michaels

Check Out This Poem .... which says it all I think 


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