With tomorrow being "Clear The Shelters Day," I want to give you a nudge.  If you've been sitting on the fence, please at least visit a shelter or go to Petfinder and e-mail some folks about your possible interest in pet adoption.  By talking with other dog owners or fosters, you'll get a sense of what day to day life is with a dog.

I was lucky in that the woman who fostered Taylor for several months gave me all the "inside scoop."  Because Taylor lived in her house with her kids and other dogs, I got the confidence I needed to trust that Taylor would be a good dog to adopt.  Indeed, getting her was one of the best decisions I ever made!

She fills the home with love.  She is entertaining especially when she "howls" her songs (which tells me she's probably part beagle.)  She forces me to slow down and stop and smell the roses (though she also likes to sniff grass and fire hydrants.)

Research has shown that having a dog around can lower your stress level, blood pressure, and cholesterol.  They give you opportunities for exercise by walking or playing. They're great companions.

Sure, being a dog parent will require poop pickup, brushing, and perhaps some extra vaccuuming, but those "cons" if you can call them that are way outweighed by the "pros."

What's holding you back from rescuing a dog?


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