Have you noticed more trees around Ocean and Monmouth Counties lately?  If so, your local Rotary Club may have something to do with their planting.  You see the head of Rotary International has challenged people around the world to get 1.2 million trees planted this year.  That number equates to one tree per Rotary member.  But clubs have taken the challenge and run with it.  Some planting on city streets; others in parks; still others planting on the grounds of existing buildings.

Many volunteers will be out this Sunday, Earth Day, to get their hands in the dirt and do some planting.  Other Rotarians have already planted and are starting to see their trees grow.

Let's hear from those of you who have been part of this tree planting initiative.  Use the Comments section to give your Rotary club a shout out.  Tell us where you planted trees.  If you are planning to put trees in the ground in the future, let us know where and when, and indicate whether you're looking for more volunteers.

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