For Earth Day yesterday, I volunteered to help plant trees with a bunch of other Rotary members.  Horticultural experts talked to us about the importance of trees and then gave us instructions.  I learned a lot!

For example:  We should actually see part of the "root spread" above the ground.  That helps us to know how deep to plant the tree."  Watering is really important, especially for newly planted trees.  And the big surprise was that "mulch volcanoes" are bad!  The pros told me to remember the 3-3-3 rule.  Mulch should start 3 inches away from the base of the tree.  There should be coverage that's 3 feet in diameter.  And the mulch should be about 3 inches deep.

The weather was lovely yesterday so I was happy to be outdoors putting my new knowledge to use.  Together with the other volunteers, I had a hand in planting about 10 big trees.  Then, to keep the momentum going, I planted 5 saplings in my own backyard!

Honestly, I have never planted a tiny tree before so I don't really know if they'll take root and thrive at my place.  But I thought I'd share my journey of (hopefully) turning my brown thumb green.

If you'd like to plant some trees this season, here's a step by step guide you might find helpful.


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