We are not surprised when our usual Jellyfish make their appearance each Summer here at the Jersey Shore, but Officials are saying they have found a new version.....the "Clinging Jellyfish". In a recent Patch article researchers at Montclair University reported finding nearly 40 of the species in an area off Monmouth Beach known as "the Hook". (The Photo Above is NOT the "Clinging" Species)

Unlike most Jellyfish this species is small (some the size of a dime) but can pack a toxic sting! The sting can be very painful and in some cases result in hospitalization. Officials are now investigating whether this is the beginning of a bloom here at the Shore. A few of the clingers were first spotted back in 2016 here at the Shore.

According to officials the clinging jellyfish is not known to inhabit ocean beaches or other sandy areas, but likes to be near submerged aquatic vegetation and algae in back bays and estuaries. Officials urge residents to use common sense if going into these areas this summer....wear boots, waders etc for protection.

Here are some tips if stung by clinging jellyfish:

  • Apply White Vinegar to sting area
  • Rinse sting area with salt water and remove any remaining tentacle materials using gloves or thick towel.
  • Hot/Cold compress can then be applied to alleviate pain.
  • If symptoms persist or pain increases seek medical attention.

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