So, a funny thing happened today. While I was sampling the outstanding food from both The Chimney Cake Factory and The Mac Truck for the Fast Tracks & Food Trucks Festival at Great Adventure, I couldn't shake the feeling that I'd seen The Mac Truck's chef somewhere before. It turns out that I was right.

I got back into the building, and as we were all sitting around the kitchen eating the food that both trucks left for us, it clicked for me. I turned to some of my co-workers and said, "guys, I think The Mac Truck guy was on Food Network Star". A quick Google search confirmed my theory that it was indeed Dominick Tesoriero, this past season's runner-up.

We went back downstairs to see that the truck was still here, but Dom wasn't. His co-foodie, Rafael said that he'd already left, but offered to call him. I got on the phone and told Dom that I realized who he was and asked how far away he was. He said that he'd be more than happy to turn around and come back to the WOBM office.

Here's what followed:

If you enjoyed Dom on Food Network Star, well, good news! He's coming back to The Food Network next month with a new show, "Comeback Kitchen". If you feel like Dom got robbed of the Food Network Star crown, he'll be competing with 6 other past contestants for a spot on the next season of Food Network Star, slated for this summer. You can catch "Comeback Kitchen" premiering on May 8th at 8pm.

I really can't thank Dom enough. He couldn't have been friendlier and more accommodating. Good luck on "Comeback Kitchen", Dom, we'll be rooting for you!