Another amazing Sunday night on the Food Network for Jersey Shore Chef Britt Rescigno. Guy Fieri's Tournament of Champions was down to the "Elite Eight" and only four chefs will survive to the "Final Four" one Chef that made it is Jersey Shore native Chef Britt Rescigno.


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Chef Britt grew up in New Gretna and now resides in Southern Ocean County in Tuckerton. "Currently in its fourth season, “Tournament of Champions” features winners of previous Food Network shows facing off in a March Madness-esque competition, with the chefs competing head-to-head to advance in the bracket. Rescigno, 33, won “Guy’s Grocery Games” on Feb. 15 to secure her spot in the field."

On Sunday night Chef Britt had to take on Iron Chef Jose Garces. Chef Jose is a very accomplished chef and has a fantastic reputation. Chef Britt definitely had her work cut out for her. After the two chefs finished their assignment, which consisted of pork, crab apple, etc. the judges selected the Ocean County Chef as their winner! Amazing, Chef Britt Rescigno is the first ever "eight seed" chef to make it to the "Final Four".



Courtesy of Food Network Via Facebook
Courtesy of Food Network Via Facebook


So now it's on to the "Final Four" for Chef Britt and if she survives another battle, she will be onto the finals, definitely the "Cinderella Story" this year on Guy Fieri's Tournament of Champions. The next episode airs Sunday, April 9th, Good luck Chef Britt!

If you would like to leave some words of encouragement for Chef Britt and cheer her on, post your comments below, and let's hope our Jersey Shore chef goes all the way!


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