If you’re a fan of Fox News, then you probably at one point have watched Jesse Waters. Jesse Waters began his career working on the Bill O’Reilly Show on the Fox News network. He then moved on to help cohost The Five which is a talk segment show on weeknights at 5 PM on Fox, Jesse, then went on to host his own show. Folks have been enjoying Primetime with Jesse Watters and that’s on the weeknights at 8 PM on Fox News network.


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Jesse Watters's new book is called "Let’s Get It Together" and he’s doing a book tour currently to support that and his stops include various parts of New Jersey, including one coming up in which he will visit Long Beach Island in April so he’ll be appearing in Beach Haven and you can get a chance to not only hear about this latest book but also maybe meet Jesse as well so if you’re fan of Fox News, this is a great opportunity here at the Jersey Shore and South Jersey to meet Jesse Watters and that is coming up on  April 20th and that is in Beach Haven Long Beach Island, New Jersey.



Look for Jesse Watters at LBI Book Swap on Saturday, April 20th at Noon (301-401 9th Street). Get your tickets now for this upcoming event CLICK HERE for more details and information.


What book are you currently reading? I'm getting ready to start a book all about the life of President Abraham Lincoln, looking forward to reading about this iconic President.


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