We are living in very strange times, kids are home from school, and it's a time to reflect a bit on family, and try to help find something to do throughout the day.


Here are some great ideas I had no idea about:

Tour Yellow Stone National Park - CLICK HERE for the virtual tour.

Tour Mars - CLICK HERE to explore the surface of Mars.

Zoo Atlanta - CLICK HERE for the PANDA CAM.

Monterey Bay Aquarium - CLICK HERE for the Jelly Cam, Penguin Cam, and more.

FarmFood 360 - CLICK HERE to take a virtual tour of a farm - cows, sheep, and more.

Tour The Louvre - CLICK HERE to take the virtual tour in Paris.

Tour The Great Wall of China - CLICK HERE for the virtual tour of The Wall of China.

Each day take a trip somewhere your kids have never been, it's pretty cool.

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