Local Facebook groups have been swooning today over the plight of a wandering pig in Bayville.

Yes, you read that correctly - apparently, someone lost their pig.

We get plenty of incidents of people finding lost dogs and cats, and usually there's a happy reunion at the end, but it's not every day that a friendly potbellied pig is spotted wandering around.

In fact, one of our colleagues here at Townsquare Media was able to get some video of the obviously friendly little guy:


We understand that this little fella has been taken in by Animal Control, but word of mouth has it that there are at least two more porkers wandering around the Bayville area, which another co-worker of mine described simply like this, "they are huge!"

Here's one that was spotted right on Route 9:

Photo used with permission
Photo used with permission

Have you spotted any of the now-famous Bayville pigs? Post your photos to our Facebook page by clicking here!


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