If you go outside to grab some fresh eggs from your prized hen this morning, only to realize that your favorite poultry-girl is missing, we have a pretty good idea where she is right now.

She's probably clucking up a storm down at the Stafford Township Jail.

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Police in Stafford Township posted a photo of this beauty which they found running around like a, well, chicken with her head cut off, on Windlass Acres section of the township.

Police describe the found bird as a "large black hen."

The best part of this story is some of the comments posted on Facebook once the hen's status was posted on the Stafford Township Facebook page:

"Don’t know how far the travel but there is a home on Flipper with several that look like this."    *** "I thought she was one of mine but all my girls are counted for."

"Mallory, did you count your chickens today?"    **** "I just counted and they are all accounted for."

"If no one claims her, I’ll take her! She’ll have a good life here."

"Poor thing, she looks scared."

"We are allowed to have chickens???"

"Why did the chicken cross the road?"

"On my way!" (Complete with a meme of a dancing Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Friend Chicken fame....)

"The animal control in town today found my lost pig ... brought her back home safely. Thanks for a great job!!!"

So, as of this writing, this hen doesn't have a forever home. Somewhere there's a rooster crowing for her this morning.....

By the way, if this is your hen, call Stafford Township Animal Control at 609-597-1000 ext. 8525.

SOURCE: Stafford Township Police Department

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