Ten days into the nearly two-month service disruption needed for extensive New York Penn Station track repairs, things are going fairly well, state lawmakers and officials from Amtrak and New Jersey Transit say.

Wall township high school's next yearbook goes to press under a new class adviser.

Teacher and basketball coach Matt Kukoda replaces Susan Parsons in the aftermath of the uproar over her decision to alter student photos showing support of Donald Trump.

Toms river native Todd Frazier's trade to the Yankees Tuesday has created a lot of buzz in his hometown and the shore with people wanting to buy his new jersey.

Ed Bush, who runs Gameday sports says they carry the real jersey's, and while not a threat he does expect people illegally selling merchandise.

"I don't think you really see that as much as you used to," said Bush. "The penalties have increased and they're really enforcing it more where it's just not worth peoples wile to risk it."

He placed an order for the Frazier's Yankee jersey this week and hopes they'll be in during their home-stand next week.


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