An autopsy for 11-year-old Abbiegail Smith is scheduled for today.

Fourteen hours after her mom reported her missing, the Keansburg girl was found dead Thursday morning behind the apartment building where she lived.

Officials are investigating the case as a homicide.

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A bloods associate from Pemberton heads to prison for up to 25-years for his role in a 2015 gunpoint robbery in Mount Holly.

Tiffani Young was convicted of robbery, conspiracy and witness tampering in May.

Authorities say the gotti-boy-movement member was the getaway driver.

The state senate passed a measure Thursday that would authorize back pay for the days workers were furloughed.

Senator Bob Singer says state workers shouldn't be "penalized for the shutdown".

"Too many of our workers live pay-check to pay-check," said Singer. "Losing a day's pay affects their family and their quality of life."

Christie says if the legislature sends him a bill, he'll approve it.

The assembly is expected to vote on the measure by the end of this month.

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