The Willingboro man who admitted shooting a victim to death in a township park in 2014 heads to prison for up to 21 years and risks deportation to his native Liberia.

Abdullah Sheriff was arrested two days after the death of Abenego Wesseh.

He plead guilty to aggravated manslaughter.

Lawyers for 18 Penn State students who face charges in connection with the death of Tim Piazza of Readington were back in court on Tuesday trying to get some of the charges thrown out before a trial takes place.

Piazza died after a drunken fall down a flight of steps at the Beta Theta Pi frat house but some argue responsibility for the tragedy goes beyond those charged.

The father of 19-year-old Sarah Stern, the Neptune woman murdered last year and thrown into the ocean, says he's doesn't know who removed her memorial without warning this week.

Michael Stern says family, friends, state and local officials were fine with the memorial's location on the Belmar bridge where Sarah's car was found.

"It's not in the way of anything, it doesn't block's just really there as a tribute to Sarah because we don't have her," said Stern.

Stern says the trial of Liam McAtasney, Sarah's suspected murderer, is taking too long and his family just wants closure.

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