Howell police are hoping you can help them find the man witnesses say was pleasuring himself at the Xscape movie theater on route 9 during the emoji movie last Friday.

He was escorted out of the theater by security but police still want to talk to him.

A Beachwood man who may have been a volunteer youth team leader at St. Barnabas catholic church in Bayville was arrested Monday for allegedly possessing and distributing child porn.

45-year old Anthony Mauro was arrested following a month long sting where police found over 100 child porn movies and images at his Compass Avenue residence.

It's a problem that continues to get worse, a growing number of jersey residents are seeking psychiatric help while the number of mental health professionals in the state continues to drop.

Have you ever lost your smartphone or i-Phone and suddenly head into a panic?

Chairman of psychiatry at Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Corporate Medical Director for Legacy Meridian Health Services with Hackensack-Meridian Health, Dr. Ramon Solhkhah says when someone loses their phone and panics, the function of the brain they need to retrace their steps slows down.

His prescription for anyone in this situation…relax.

“Deep breathing for many people works or practicing some mindfulness and some focus and really just thinking and breathing for a few moments to be able to focus your thoughts so that you can really think about where you left it, what’s on it and what you need to worry about,” said Solhkhah.

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