The struggle for life is over for the eight year old who was pulled from the bottom of a pool in Jackson Saturday, according to township police.

The jersey city girl was attending a party.

She had been in critical condition in a new Brunswick hospital.

Enjoying a fountain soda from a beachfront grill at the jersey shore, or releasing a balloon into the air at a wedding, can be deadly…to marine life, that is.

While the acts seem innocent and inconsequential to everyday shore visitors, they're a big sticking point for environmentalists and seaside towns in the garden state.

Heads up, phones down!...addiction to your smartphone is a very real thing and in the first part of our two-part series Metro Market Manager for Robert Half Company Office Team, Dora Onyschak says some people use smartphones so often, it becomes a distraction.

“You’re constantly thinking about it,” said Onyschak. “I think we all have the habit of looking over and taking a look to see whose texted us and what emails we have.”

She feels one reason we’re so addicted is because smartphones contain so much of our personal information.

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