You've probably noticed that one of my favorite topics to write about is pet peeves. We all have those things that irritate the heck out of us, and we all need to vent. When a friend of mine posted this picture on Facebook, I couldn't let it go without comment.

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Photo by Joe Hyer

Ok, so we've all had those days where we're in a rush, had to run into the store to get something, and may have parked over the line just a little bit.

But come on, taking up FOUR parking spots?

And it's clearly not just an unintended mistake. This person purposefully parked this way.

"But at least they parked far away from other cars and it's not a crowded parking lot", you might say.

Yeah, but I think we still have to look a little further into the behavior in general. Not where they did it, but why they did it.

I don't know this person, so I can only make guesses - I'm going to go ahead and assume that they think that their car is so important and precious that they just can't handle the thought of any other vehicles being within door dinging proximity to their delicate automobile.

I hate to be the one to break the news - but someday, somewhere, in some parking lot, it's going to happen. Someone will accidentally ding your door (or purposefully, if they see you parking like this). The wind will blow an uncorralled cart into your door (but that's a whole different topic).

In fact, I hope someone parks right next to this person just to push their buttons.

I just have a really hard time being ok with people who are so concerned about themselves and their convenience that they don't bother to think about how the things that they do impact those around them.

It's the old saying, "why is common courtesy so uncommon?"

And that is precisely why I have a whole section dedicated to my pet peeves.

What are some of your biggest pet peeves that other people do? Vent away in the comments section!