Pay By App Comes To Shore Parking Spots
As many shore towns are making it easier to park with more pay stations and new meters that take credit cards as well as coins, one nearby beach town is taking it a step further and letting you do it all from your smartphone.
Parking Prices Have Gone Down In Seaside Park
You may have noticed that the few remaining parking meters in Seaside Park have been replaced by numbered spots and electronic kiosks. This is good news for two reasons - you won't have to worry about carrying quarters with you this summer, and the hourly price of parking has gone down.
Now This Is Someone Who Takes Parking Very Seriously! [Video]
Over the past few weeks, a lot of us played what I call "the parking lot game". You know how it goes - you drive in circles, up and down rows at the shopping center in hopes of scoring a good spot. Maybe you see someone two rows over pulling out, just to get beat there by another driver. D…
Why Do People Back Into Parking Spots?
It's time to talk about a minor pet-peeve that, this time of year, feels less minor.  In fact, it feels like a MAJOR annoyance right now, when my holiday stress level is high.  People who back into parking spaces.  Why do they do it...

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