Benefits of Travel vs. The Risks
With winter behind us, are you starting to think of what you want to do on your upcoming summer vacation?  I know many people enjoy staying close to home, having "Staycations," but today I'd like to share some thoughts about going away...
Why I Recommend A Visit To Iceland
Many people are surprised when I tell them that my flight to Iceland was less than 6 hours.  Because it's an island that sits in the North Atlantic Ocean, it seems so far away but really, you can get there faster than you can get to Seattle...
Centuries of History Right Under Our Feet
Richard III is one of Great Britain's most famous, and most notorious kings. He was killed in 1485 at The Battle of Bosworth Field during the pivotal "War of the Roses". Historians know that he was buried at Greyfriars Church. The only catch is, they haven't been sure exa…
There’s Still No Place Like Home
I really do enjoy traveling. I love the opportunity to see interesting places far away from home and have unique and fun experiences. But there's still nothing like coming home.

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