I love history. Especially really old history and artifacts. It just amazes me to see something hundreds, sometimes even thousands of years old.

Here in New Jersey we have some of the richest history in America. From Native American settlements to Revolutionary War battlefields and homes, our state is full of ways to learn about the past.

But back in September, I told you about archaeologists searching for the remains of England's King Richard III. They thought that they had found the approximate location of where he was supposed to be buried, but over the span of 500+ years, the location had become, literally, a parking lot.

Well, it turns out that they were on to something. The announcement came yesterday - they have, in fact, found what they were looking for. Not only did they find the remains that they say, "beyond reasonable doubt" belong to the last Plantagenet king of England, but modern technology even allowed them to reconstruct what they believe the King looked like, see the picture above.