The 2012 Summer Olympics got underway in London this past weekend in quite a...well...British style.

In stark contrast to Beijing's 2008 eye popping spectacular, The London Opening Ceremony seemed all at the same time a little understated, a little bizarre, a little rowdy, with even some classic British "humour" thrown in for good measure.

From Kenneth Branagh quoting Shakespeare to Mr. Bean goofing on Chariots of Fire, and of course James Bond and the sky diving Queen, the Brits had their tongues planted in their cheeks more than any other Opening Ceremony in recent memory. (As an aside, I am a firm fan of British "humour").

But what did you think? Should the Opening Ceremonies be more serious and less silly, or was it a fun change from the normal pomp and circumstance? Vote below and then feel free to let us know what your "favourite" part was in the comments section!