Best Cupcakes in Toms River
What is it about a cupcake?  Is it the icing?  Is it the shape?  I feel cupcakes bring people together.  I just ordered my daughter's cupcakes for her birthday party this weekend and it's something about a good cupcake I'll take over a regular cake any day!
An Unexpected NJ Transit Treat
This past weekend, I took some time off and enjoyed a long weekend mini-vacation to New York City. I took New Jersey Transit both ways. On the trip back, I got an unexpected treat from the conductor.
Whats Your Favorite Homemade Dessert ?
Shawn Michaels, Townsquare Media
So my Daughter continues to enjoy baking at home, which means I get to enjoy ! My personal favorite are her cupcakes. She's done everything from chocolate to red velvet cupcakes and all have been tasty. She has also done pies and cakes ...

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