This past weekend, I took some time off and enjoyed a long weekend mini-vacation to New York City. I took New Jersey Transit both ways. On the trip back, I got an unexpected treat from the conductor.

On my way to Penn Station the other day, I made a quick stop at one of my guilty pleasure places - Crumbs Bakery, and carefully selected a 4-pack of decadent cupcakes.

When I got on the train I put my stuff on the seat next to me.

When the conductor was walking the car and collecting tickets, he took one look at my sweet treats and said, "hey, how about a free ride for a cupcake?".

I figured it was just a friendly comment, so I said "sure!". He took my ticket, smiled, and said, "ok, I'll be back".

I thought it was a joke.

But sure enough, he came back about 20 minutes later and said, "ok, what do you have there?"

He was 100% serious.

I laughed and told him that the only one off limits is my favorite, the lemon cupcake.

He picked the chocolate/vanilla cupcake, and gave me back my two, unpunched tickets.

He got a delicious treat and I got two free train tickets. Everyone was happy.

It just goes to show how a friendly interaction can make your day, or make both of your days.

So, thanks to the friendly NJ Transit conductor. I hope you enjoyed your cupcake!