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Madonna? Bruce? Stones? Who’s On Your Concert Wish List?
It has been an amazing year for concert goers.  Beyonce and Bruce played shows at Met Life Stadium in Jersey,  Adele did her sold out stint at Madison Square Garden, the Rolling Stones and The Who headlined that big music festival called "Desert Trip" over the weekend...
The Definitive Jersey Bucket List
New Jersey shaped who and what I am ~ Jon Bon Jovi
Help us put together the definitive "Jersey" bucket list! Things You think we MUST do here in New Jersey. Few things I wanna do include ..... kayaking, photographing every lighthouse in the state, and find the best diner in Je…
NJ Mayors to Encourage End of Life Planning
Many of us know about the need for end of life planning but few of us actually do it. Health care advocates are hoping to get more Garden State residents to put end of life plans in place.
The New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute is hoping to get local mayors to encourage their communities to t…
How Can You Change Someone’s Life with Your Bucket List?
So we've heard and talked about our Bucket Lists.  But this list I want you to make is a little different.  With everything that happened here in New Jersey in the last couple of months and around the country, I thought this would be a great idea to see what you can do to help out?