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So we've heard and talked about our Bucket Lists.  But this list I want you to make is a little different.  With everything that happened here in New Jersey in the last couple of months and around the country, I thought this would be a great idea to see what you can do to help out?

So this is what I was thinking, I was reading over the most common items on people's bucket lists and this one thing on the bucket lists jumped out at me.  Inventing something that would change someones life.  I look at that as helping someone out.  Yeh, being a millionaire is on the top of the list and of course traveling, but if you're anything like me helping change someone's life is and would be amazing.

This would be mine on top of the list:  Free dental for Seniors.  I see it with my parents, they're always at their Dr., but if I ask them have they gone to the dentist they'll say they don't have medical for that.  They need a healthy mouth too.  I worry about that a lot.

So give me a bucket list of good deeds...How could you change someone's life with your Bucket List?